Nitek linear motor are widely used in a wide range of industrial applications, here some of the most important:

  • Food

    1. Packaging and handling of food (biscuits, rusk) Green Drive Standard
    2. Horizontal Flowpack Serie L Ironcore
    3. Production of cheese (nodini di mozzarella) Green Drive Rotolineare
    4. Dosing (cream, chocolate) Green Drive ISO
  • Pharmaceutic

    1. Jar handling Green Drive Standard
    2. 2D Pick and place for pharma package into cartoons Green Drive Modulo + Green Drive Standard
    3. Blister machine Serie L Ironcore
  • Wood working

    1. Panel handling and Panel saw Serie L Ironcore
    2. Panel handling for tenoners machine Green Drive Standard
  • Packaging

    1. Bootles diverter Green Drive Standard
    2. Toilette paper roll handling Green Drive Standard
    3. Cotton fiock packaging Green Drive Standard
    4. Multi axis stage for cartoning Serie L Ironcore
    5. Plastic tableware horizontal packaging Green Drive Modulo
  • Beverage

    1. Aluminium sheet handling for pressing plant (closure) Green Drive serie N
    2. Linear Capping Green Drive Standard
    3. Bootle Capping Green Drive Rotolineare
    4. Closure handling for serigraphy Green Drive Standard
  • Machine tools

    1. Transfer machine part handling Green Drive Standard
    2. Electrospindle handling Green Drive serie N
    3. EDM machine Green Drive serie N
  • Production line and testing

    1. Snowboard binding test Green Drive Standard
    2. Part handling for boring Green Drive portale 2D
    3. Accelerometer sensor test Green Drive Standard
  • Simulation

    1. ATR42 Aircraft simulator: tailplane pedal and control yoke with force feedback Green Drive serie N and Green Drive standard