Nitek linear motors is the NISE srl linear motor division and it is focused on design, production and distribution of linear system for industrial application. Our customers are manufacturers of automatic machines that integrates our product in their automation and control systems. Our product are standardized and are on stock for short delivery time. Our international partners help us to better support our customers in any countries.


Nitek linear motors was founded as indipendent company in 2008 (Nitek srl) focused on design on innovative product in the linear motion, in particular tubular linear motors. In 2010 Nise srl acquired Nitek srl becoming Nitek linear motors division. In 2011 Green Drive tubular linear motors standard series was released on the market and an agreement with manufacturing plants in Czech Republic was signed for the production of the Ironcore L series.

The headquarter of Nitek linear motors is based in Calderara di Reno (Bologna) Italy in the Industrial Bargellino Area where production plant, technical department and commercial office are present.

Nise srl distributes product under brand name NITEK as registed brand name.


foto_bolognaBologna is the homeland of highly valuable inventors and entrepreneurs: since the middle age to the modern mechanical and electromechanical industry and it is the home of one of the oldest university in world, founded in the 1088. Today, 7% of the italian patent has been invented in this area with over than 400 patent application per million of citizens.

The city of Bologna was the first one to see the physicist, inventor and Nobel prize (in the 1909) Gugliemo Marconi (Bologna, April 25th 1874 – Rome, July 20th 1937) to realise the radio telegraph system in the world. Bologna was the homeland of Quirico Filopanti (Budrio, April 20th 1812 – Bologna, December 18th 1894) politician, astronomer and mathematician the first that introduced the adoption of time zone and universal time; Luigi Galvani (Bologna, September 9th 1737 – Bologna, December 4th 1798) physician, physicist and philosopher that discovered the bioelectricity; Francesco Maria Grimaldi (Bologna, April 2nd 1618 – Bologna, December 28th 1663) Jesuit priest mathematician and physicist, the first to make accurate observations on the diffraction of light; Jacopo Bartolomeo Beccari (Bologna, July 25th 1682 – Bologna, January 18th 1766) chemist that discovered the gluten in wheat flour.

The city of Bologna is a laboratory of ideas and innovations, NISE srl – NITEK Linear motors is proud to be part of Bologna’s cultural and industrial heritage.