Green Drive Linear Unit

Green Drive Linear Unit

The Green Drive Linear Unit GDL 250 is based on the Green Drive ISO GDI250 series in a moving coil configuration. The mechanical design is based on a special aluminum profile rail guide where there are ball recirculating linear guide integrated. Use of Nitek ball linear guide in the carriages guarantee a reliable and smooth operation. Furthermore, the carriage have integrated circuit for central lubrication in order to simplify the linear unit maintenance.

The Green Drive linear unit can be mounted into gantry design without any additional adapters (Fig.1). It is also possible to have more than one coil on the same guide thanks to the Green Drive tubular linear motor technology.

There are three sizes of motors available GDL250DS, GDL250TS and GDL250XS that offers highest velocity and acceleration with a compact size of 70×70 mm (tubular linear motor flange).Together with Green Drive tubular linear motor with anti-rotational mechanics (i.e. GD160T-XXX-AS) offer a unique solution for any automation task.

  1. Independent motion of carriage : one carriage one linear motor
  2. Upto 3 independent head in a single unit with 100 mm of stroke
  3. Integrated encoder that ensure +/-50 microns of repeatability
  4. Ball recirculating linear guides with 2 blocks on the same carriage
  5. High rigidity and load capacity
  6. High velocity and acceleration
  7. Cost effective solution

Typical applications: product handling, pick and place of parts between lines, assembly lines.