Green Drive Standard

Green Drive Standard

The Green Drive tubular linear motor is a direct drive actuator. The linear motion is generated without ballscrews, belt and gear reducers. The GD is composed of two parts: the stainless steel slider (AISI304) with holes for payload fixing and the IP65 motor body that contains the coils and the feedback electronics. The slider is guided by high performance sliding bearings. Feedback electronics contains position sensors, temperature sensors, interpolation electronics and motor parameters as electronic data sheet (EDS). GD standard version is available in 7 sizes to reach 800 N of peak force. All models are available with different strokes and feedback options. Additionally, special model for hygienic application is available on request.

GD160D 13 104
GD160T 17 136
GD160Q 22 176
GD250DS 37 296
GD250TS 50 400
GD250QS 62 496
GD250XS 100 800
GD350TS 140 1120
GD350QS 140 1120
GD350XS 190 1520
GD350ES 250 2000

Green Drive linear motors integrated position feedback system is available with different output types: Analogue SIN/COS 1Vpp, Digital Bus type BISS-C, Digital A/B TTL Linedrive Incremental and absolute SSI type. These options are compatible with many servo drives.

The Green Drive tubular linear motor is supplied with a complet set of accessories for fixing, to connect the payload to the slider, antirotational mechanics, accessories for vertical application and protection system for severe environment.

Mounting accessories
GD is supplied with accessories for fi xing using T-slot. 90 degrees fl anges, with different sizes and orientations in zinc plated steel, are available in the catalogue.

Linear Coupling
In order to connect the payload and the slider are necessary to use coupling system to transmit the linear force only.

For severe environment conditions
GD is available with wipers to guarantee protection from dust and contaminants. Special lubrication grease for high speed and high acceleration, with an extended temperature range, is available on request.

Cooling accessories
Rated Force can be increased by 20% by affixing a fan for cooling which is a simple process. FAN type is a standard 24 VDC and can be connected with available power supply on machine side.

GD can be equipped with linear guides and ball bushings to create anti-rotational mechanics. The front flange is available with different holes to easily attach payload connection. Here below the maximum admissible value about external forces applied to antirotation mechanics.

Fy 100 N 500 N
Fz 100 N 500 N
Mx 17.7 Nm 85.1 Nm
My 91.7 Nm 379 Nm
Mz 77.0 Nm 318 Nm
Rated Life > 90.000 Km > 90.000 Km

Antirotation mechanics with pneumatic brake for vertical application

In order to have a safety stop when the linear motor is in power-off condition, it is available an antirotation mechanics with integrated pneumatic brake. This device directly acts on the rail of the linear guides using spring clamps. Compressed air is used to disable this equipment pushing the springs out of linear guide rail.

The connector for power and signal from Intercontec is fully rotatable and does not require screws, just a click. Cable connections are simple thanks to cable colors: green for signal (feedback) and orange for power (U/V/W and PE for motor phases).

The Green Drive tubular linear motor is supplied with a cable kit in PUR or PVC material with standard length of 3 or 5 meter or cable length on request.

Cable Type Color Diameter
PUR Class 6 12×0.23 mm RAL 6018 6,9 mm
PUR Class 6 4G1 RAL 2003 7,9 mm