Li series Hygienic Flat ironcore linear motors

Li series Hygienic Flat ironcore linear motors

The Li series of synchronous linear motors is characterized with an increased degree of protection IP67. The increased degree of protection is ensured by encapsulating the active part of the motor with winding (primary part)into a metal frame.

The primary part of the linear motor with a vacuum poured winding is located in a stainless sheet metal housing.

The advantage of this design is strengthening the motor against splashed liquids and long service life of the drive.

The Li series can be equipped alternatively with integrated water cooling which ensures more efficient removal of losses and guarantees a considerable improvement in the motor parameters.

LI030P-1215 128 380
LI030P-2415 255 760
LI030P-3615 383 1140
LI050P-1215 238 618
LI050P-2415 476 1235
LI050P-3615 714 1853
LI050P-4815 952 2470
LI075P-1215 374 950
LI075P-2415 748 1900
LI075P-3615 1122 2850
LI075P-4815 1496 3800
LI100P-1215 510 1259
LI100P-2415 1020 2518
LI100P-3615  1530 3772
LI100P-4815 2040 5035