Tubular Linear motor test

Any manufactured motor must passed the following test:

Green Drive

  1. Complete winding test (Resistance, Inductance)
  2. Electrical connection test
  3. BEMF measurement
  4. Analog or digital encoder test
  5. Commutation offset test
  6. Rod off axis measurement
  7. Insultation test from 1KV to 2.5 KV following EN 60034-1 standard
  8. Surge test
  9. Insulation resistance test with 500 VDC following EN 60204-1 standard
  10. Integrated temperature sensor test
  11. Functional test with servo drive
  12. Vibrational test following IEC 60068-2-6 (see video)

For each serial number we create an inspection sheet with all test results.
This inspection sheet is provided in the motor pakaging.